About us


Fine Artisanal Wines from Switzerland.

THE SWISS WINE STORE (TSWS) offers gastronomes and wine lovers a unique and genuine collection of high quality, terroir driven and artisanal wines made from rare or indigenous grape varieties, as well as international types that have found a terroir in which to express themselves at best.

With a surprisingly wide and diverse selection of red, rosé, white, sweet (including Noble Rot) and sparkling wines, Swiss wines offer oenophile’s and enthusiasts inimitable discoveries and experiences.

Founded by Damien Fleury, a Swiss native from the French speaking area, TSWS will present a selection of wines from different regions throughout the coming year. TSWS now introduces carefully selected wines from the Alpine region of Valais, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lavaux and La Côte both in located Vaud, and the Alpine Rhine region of Grisons / Graubünden.

TSWS is dedicated to bring to Hong Kong some of the best Swiss winemakers which are references in the Swiss winemaking industry.

TSWS offers the finest selection of Swiss Wines in Hong Kong and China.